"What's On Delivers customers to your DOOR"


What's On

"What's On" is a FREE monthly guide for tourists with Features, Bus & Ferry Schedules, Tide Tables, Maps, Excursions and other useful information about things to see, places to go local entertainment, Bars, Restaurants and other events.
"The Magazine was started on 1st April 2003, initially as the "Where Abouts"
 then changed its name in 2010.


Our aim

At What's On - "
Our business is to bring Business to your Business" by providing cost effective advertising for our customers, in a magazine that is both fun and informative for our readers
Its handy size makes it ideal for visitors to put in their pocket and carry it as a reference guide. 



What's On Publish 5,000 copies per month. After the initial distribution the magazines are regularly topped up so that your advertising is always availabe to the tourists every day of every month - not just for a few days after publication.


The Management

The Current owner, Maitland Young is an ex-pat Scot who has been living in Corralejo since 2005.
He has a background in  Sales , Marketing and IT.
He has been producing the "What's On" magazine since April 2007


What's On -

What's On Magazine is also published on-line and is about to become "INTERACTIVE" starting with the excursions then eventually all adverts will be "Live" just a click will take you to more information about the Advertiser.
Wha'ts on published 5,000 copies a month - but this is only a fraction of our readership - the On-Line magazine aslo generates another 1,500 - 2,000 readers per month


Who are our readers?

The What's On is published in English - but that doesn't mean that it only has British readers.  After Chinese, English is the most spoken language in the world.  Our regular readers do not only come from the UK and Ireland, but from all over Northern Europe, from Scandanavia and Baltic States, to former East European Countries to
Western and Southern Europe