What’s On Fuerteventura – Editorial November 2023

Whats On Fuerteventura - Kites 4

What's On Fuerteventura - Editorial November 2023

What’s On Fuerteventura – Editorial November 2023


Hi folks – Computers are great pieces of equipment, I couldn’t live without mine – I couldn’t produce this magazine without it. However when they go wrong… It is a nightmare.

Mine started playing up the weekend before last, just as I was  doing the Upcoming Events, the Editorial and a write up on the Kite festival.

First it crashed, then it would not boot, I eventually got it booted but it was sooooo sllloooowwww!,

I spent the day trying to find the problem, but each time I did something it required a reboot and that was part of the problem – eventually I gave up and went to bed.

Next day I started again, it has taken me a very frustrating week to get it back running almost properly – it is still a bit sloooow!!.

I use a laptop, and it is getting a bit old now – turns out the battery on the motherboard has died, and this, coupled to the latest Windows update, caused major conflicts.

I will have to replace the battery, but that requires a complete stripdown of the laptop, something I am not happy about doing until I have a back up, and that requires me to resurrect my desk top, which has needed a new power supply for at least the past year – I just never seem to get around to sourcing one and fixing it…

So a belated welcome to the November Edition of What’s On Fuerteventura.

For new visitors this is a monthly magazine for tourists filled with information on things to do, places to see and general information about Fuerteventura.

XXXVl International Kite Festival

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November is a quiet month, as people start to gear up for Christmas, but there is one big event happening – The XXXVI International Kite Festival.

This is a very big event, last year attracting over 40,000 visitors. it is a truly international event with people from all over Europe and further afield coming to Corralejo to take part.
Definitely worth getting out to the Dunes for this event.

The Council are running a FREE BUS from the town to the RUI Hotels throughout the event, keep an eye on our facebook page for more information
As well as the flying exhibitions there are numerous workshops on designing and building kites, and lessons on flying from basic beginners – up to advance levels.

Armistice Day

The 11th and 12th are Armistice day and Remembrance Sunday, the local English Church, (Chaplaincy of St James)  will hold a Service of Remembrance at the Church in Corralejo at 5pm, and in El Cotillo at 10am.  For more information  https://fuertechurch.org/ and chaplain@fuertechurch.org

Leonid Meteor Shower

One of the great things about Fuerteventura is the night sky – it is so clear here, and if you go out of town away from the street lights you will see the sky like never before.
This month you are in for a special treat as the Leonid Meteor Shower makes its annual appearance. Starting on the 2nd November and peaking on the 17 / 18th, stargazers should be treated to a spectacular display.



People are always asking ” What’s the weather going to be like in …..” This is an impossible question to answer.
From November to March are the winter months.  This is when we will get rain and winter storms, some only last a few hours, other can last a few days – no way to tell, however I always say the same thing to tourists coming over the winter months – pack for a typical British summer with less rain and you won’t go wrong.
For more info on weather conditions check out the article “what’s the weather going to be like..” and you will need a “cardi” in the evenings.

As always, please get out of your hotels and explore the town, you won’t be disappointed. We have great restaurants, bars, beaches, shops and entertainment, businesses here live on tourism, so please help the local economy as much as you can.


If you are looking for any trips or excursions, check out our sister business corralejo-excursions.com like the What’s on Fuerteventura it has been looking after tourists for over 20 years

books,cards & things

With Christmas just round the corner, Books, Cards & Things have now got their Christmas stock of cards and gifts.

Enjoy your visit to Fuerteventura, and I hope you find the information in this magazine useful, and if you have any suggestions of thing you would like to be covered, or you can provide any articles or useful information, please get in touch at info@whatsonfuerteventura.com .

Maitland  Young


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