What’s On Fuerteventura – Editorial -June 2024

Welcome to June

Editorial June 2024

What’s On Fuerteventura – Editorial June 2024


Half way through the year already, time seems to be flying these days, and it is June, the lull before the main event of the Summer Season.

Traditionally this is a relatively quiet month when we see lot of families with pre school kids enjoying the resort, and then towards the middle and end of the month, after the Scottish school exams are over, we tend to start getting my fellow countrymen arriving for their annual summer holidays.

This is a time of stress for some parents – how do you keep the kids occupied?

With the young ones it is easy – a bucket and spade on the beach and they will be happy for hours, and then there are a couple of play parks if the beach becomes boring. Older kids are a bit more difficult, however there are lots of things for them too – There is the Baku Waterpark, always popular with families, there is a big Crazy Golf course, a bowling alley and a few Games centres.

whats on Fuerteventura Oasis park

Then there is Oasis Wildlife Park – (The Zoo).  This is an award winning animal park located about 1/2 way down the island. There is a bus that goes every day (5€) and take you to the park – This is a fantastic day out for all the family – you can book this online at; https://oasiswildlifefuerteventura.com/en/

Corralejo also has many other great activities for all the family from Boat trips, Fishing trips, Buggy Tours, Jeep Safaris, Horse riding and many more, for more information and booking for these; https://corralejo-excursions.com    A word of advice, if you have a special occasion, or something you want to do on a particular day, book your trips well in advance, some have restricted spaces so you don’t want to be disappointed.

Sunday 2nd June – Is World Naturist Day.

Whats On fuerteventura - editorial

Some of the beaches around Fuerteventura are very popular with Naturists. If this is not something you approve of then skip to the next article.

Many of you, I have no doubt, are Naturists, or have dared to bare all or go skinny dipping at some time in your life. However there a many of you who have not YET!!

Now is your chance, if you have thought about it and never taken the plunge, or don’t think your body is suitable, or are worried about other people seeing you naked, now is your chance to get over these fears.

Public nudity is not illegal in Spain, technically you can be naked anywhere provided you are not “physically aroused”. All Spanish beaches are clothing optional, however nudity is not welcome on the town beaches, or in front of the big Hotels.

From Corralejo head out to the Dunes, to the RUI Hotels 40-60 minutes walk,  5 minutes by car, 8€ taxi, No 6 Bus (1.40€), turn right at the Hotels and walk about 300 metres along the beach to the last two blocks of sun loungers. Or if you are in El Cotillo head to the Lagoons.

Here you will see for yourself the wide variety of ages and body types common on a naturist beach. Don’t worry, nudity is not compulsory, but please don’t go there if it offends you, or you are only there to ogle!!

if you feel comfortable, (this may take a couple of visits) strip off, or go for a swim, and strip in the sea and feel the extra freedom of being clothes free, and when you leave the water you can air dry in a few minutes rather than have the discomfort of a cold, wet bathing suit clinging to your skin.
You may be a bit self conscious to begin with, but this soon wears off.

Holidays are all about having new experiences and doing things you wouldn’t do at home – so on June 2nd or any other day, head out to the Dunes, and take the plunge, you may just become a convert.

Father’s day – Sunday June 16th

Just because you are on holiday is no excuse for forgetting Father’s day on the 16th and if you have, you are lucky, as you can buy cards and gifts at Books, Cards & Things in Corralejo.

They also stock over 15,000 second hand books in different languages, so if you run out of reading material nip along and see John.
Books cards Things valentine ad sm

Fiesta de San Juan

Are you going to be here on the night of the 23/24th June?  Then get your party head on, it is Fiesta Time.

Every year, on the night of the 23rd of June, the local beaches are set ablaze with bonfires to celebrate the Summer solstice, and the birth of San Juan (John the Baptist)

whats on Fuerteventura - San Juan

San Juan’s, or St John’s, feast day falls on the 24th of June every year, but it’s on St John’s eve, the 23rd of June, that the celebrations take place. Spanish people consider the bonfires of St John to mark the true beginning of summer, and the start of a new year. This is a fire-focused fiesta and the bonfires are built to purify and protect from evil spirits.

There are big beach parties, with lots of music, dancing, singing and of course much drinking and eating as families and friends gather for the celebrations

Traditionally the Spanish believe that Midsummer in Spain is a magical night in which ancient pagan gods are closer to humans, and many superstitions and rituals accompany this belief.  Jumping the fire three times is one, it is meant to burn away your problems and bring you luck for the future.

Another tradition is to make wishes at Midnight,
Write down your wishes for the months ahead and the things you want to say goodbye to on pieces of paper, and at midnight, throw them into the fire,  then run into the sea for a swim, and picture those wishes coming true. This symbolises liberation from the past and hope for the future.

Health Warning

Fuerteventura is a sub tropical island off the West Coast of Africa, just 60 miles to the east is he Sahara desert. The sun here is very strong, and will burn you very quickly, even on cloudy days, so slap on the sunscreen and keep safe, as sunburn can definitely spoil your holiday.

In conclusion, enjoy your holiday, and if you have anything you think we should cover, or if you fancy writing anything for the magazine, please contact me at info@whatsonfuerteventura.com

Maitland Young

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