What’s on Fuerteventura – Editorial – July 2024

Parade of boats - Fiesta del carmen

Editorial July 2024

What’s on Fuerteventura – Editorial – July 2024

“We’re all going on a Summer Holiday.”

The main Summer Holiday season has arrived and it is expected to be a busy one, with forecasts projecting record visitors to the island.

Some of you will have seen reports in the media about anti Tourist protests happening in the Canaries, and throughout Spain.  However the UK media have got it wrong.

The protest are not against tourists, they are protesting the current housing crisis throughout Spain. This has been exacerbated by the recent increase in residential properties being converted to Holiday lets and AirB&Bs, meaning that properties for long term rental have become very scarce, and thus very expensive.

People working in places like Corralejo are having to live in camper vans or their cars as there is simply no accommodation available at rents that they can afford. This is also causing problems for businesses as they cannot get staff.

The government are trying to take action, but it is too little too late.
New regulations just introduced are that current Vv licences will not be transferrable, and all properties under 10 years old will not be allowed to have a Vv licence, however as this legislation is not retrospective. it will not help the immediate problem.

The Government of the Canaries has stated that there are 35,000 properties currently waiting for building approval, but the system is taking between 12 and 18 months to process applications due to all the Spanish bureaucracy, so it will be about 3 years before these properties will actually be available.

Nobody is coming up with solutions, there are talks of possible rent caps, clamping down on the illegal, unlicensed holiday lettings but none of these will help the immediate situation,

Cash or Card?

Whats on Fuerteventura - cash or card

You are now preparing for your annual holiday, you have decided on your destination and your accommodation, you have done some essential shopping, made your list for packing, but you now need to decide on spending money, do you take cash or cards?

How much do you need to take?

Do you change money before you come or do it at the resort?

This is a question you always see on Social media

Cards are accepted in the majority of places, but not all. Cash is always welcome, and will be needed for tips etc. Now the next question is exchange rates.

I can only tell you about my own experiences – I have a pension paid into a UK bank, and I live here, so I need to be able to access this all the time, at minimal cost.

Now I use a WISE Card, it cost me nothing and allows me to have balances in both Euro and Sterling and I can use either.

I can transfer Sterling from my UK bank to my Wise Card with no fees, then I can either convert it to Euros, or use the Sterling  balance here with no exchange rate charges.

For example, at the time of writing the official BOE rate, is 1.17.805€/£. I have just made a fairly large payment in Euros from my Sterling balance. This was paid in seconds at 1.17.78€/£.  The fee for doing this was £0.23.

It is the same from ATMs, you get the official bank rate for exchanges, however the ATMs will charge you a transaction fee,  I use Banco Sabadell’s ATMs where the transaction fee is 1.80€, and I believe that Banco Marcha has no transaction fee, but watch out, most ATMs are charging 7€.

With this card I use it exactly as I would use my normal debit card at home, no need to visit Bureaus de Change, or carry large amounts of cash with me, I just  top it up as needed, and withdraw cash from an ATM.

If you want more information, or are interested in getting a Wise card, use this link: Wise Card info

Fuerteventura en Musica. (FEM) 

FEM music festival

On the 5th and 6th of July the 18th Annual 2 day Music Festival will be held on La Concha beach at El Cotillo.

Fuerteventura en Música has established itself as one of the most important festivals in the Canary Islands, thanks to its commitment to musical diversity and its incomparable location. La Concha beach, with its fine sand and crystal-clear waters, offers a perfect setting to enjoy live music.

For two days and two nights, attendees will be able to enjoy an eclectic mix of musical styles, including fusion, mestizaje, reggae, rock, folk and electronic music. The  lineup promises to bring together top-level national and international artists.

The Cabildo (Fuerteventura Government), are running special buses from Rosario and Corralejo to the event, and return buses from El Cotillo bus station, will run at 9pm, 11pm, 1am, 2am, 3.45am, 4.45am

For a full program of events, please check out our Facebook page.

Fiesta de Nuestra Senora Del Carmen

Nuestra Senora del Carmen - parade form church

At the time of writing this there is no information available from the Ayuntamiento about the program for this festival, they can’t even confirm the dates, and it starts in less than two weeks.

This is a perennial problem when editing this magazine, their website currently has no events scheduled for July, they are still showing May and June.

I believe it will run from the 11th to the 21st, but this is still to be confirmed. I have been told the program will be published some time next week, possibly the 9th or 10th, or the day before the event is supposed to start?

However I can confirm that the main Fiesta is on the 16th when the figurine of the Nuestra Senora del Carmen will be taken from her place at the church and paraded through the town to Muele Chico (Old Harbour) and town beach.

Here she will be loaded onto a highly decorated fishing boat which will then lead a procession of boats around the bay accompanied by  hooters, loud music, cheering and sometimes flares. Then she will be returned to her place at the church for another year.

After the procession the festivities will continue into the night with feasting, music, dancing, drinking and fireworks.

The 16th is a bank holiday, so expect that many businesses not involved in the tourist industry will be closed on Monday 15th as well.

Why is she the patron Saint or Fuerteventura, sailors and fishermen, click here; Nuestra Senora del Carmen

July is a busy month and there is one more major event to come.

36th World Windsurfing Championships – 19 July – 3 August

Fuerte_Wind surfing Worldcup-2024

Held on Sototvento Beach every year, the Fuerteventura round of the World Championships brings all the worlds best windsurfers, kite surfers and foilers to Jandia.
With Course racing, Slalom and Freestyle events spread over the two weeks, it is a great for spectators.
For more information visit their website.


Holidays are supposed to be a stress free time where everyone can relax and chill out, and do things you wouldn’t do at home.
However, for some people it doesn’t always turn out that way, particularly if you have kids, sometimes it can be a struggle to keep them amused.


So check out our sister website, corralejo-excursions.com for all the best trips and excursions in town, book these before you come on holiday. There are 2 good reasons for this;

1. if you want to do a particular activity on a particular day,  a birthday or anniversary, by booking it in advance you will be guaranteed getting it on the day you want.

2. July is a very busy month, and a lot of the activities have limited capacity, by booking in advance you are guaranteed getting to do it.

I am sure that your holiday company has been inundating you with trips and excursions, however corraljo-excursions.com, are a British owned,  independent local company, not tied to any particular supplier, that has been operating in Corralejo for over 20 years, so can often often offer the identical trip cheaper, and if you do 2 or more excursions, or have a large group – more than 4 people, we can arrange a special deal for you.

Email; enquiries@corralejo-excursions.com stating your preferences and we will get back to you – what have you got to lose?

It only remains for me to wish you all happy holidays.

Maitland Young
Editor; info@whatsonfuerteventura.com

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