What’s On Fuerteventura – Editorial April 2024

Hello April

What's on Fuerteventura - Editorial April 2024

What’s on Fuerteventura – Editorial April 2024

Hi everybody, welcome to the April edition of the What’s On Fuerteventura magazine, a bit late I know, however that is a story of my stupidity, and computer mal function.
computer problems
I won’t go into detail as it is too embarrassing for someone who used to earn his living fixing computers to admit to spending over seven hours trying to diagnose a simple problem, and fix it.

To cut a long story short, my first diagnosis took about ten minutes and fixed the problem, but when I restarted  the program it was back to square one.

I tried several times, and each time I was sure I had fixed the problem, but every time I tried to run the program the problem was still there, I spent over 7 frustrating hours with this. AAa\rrggh  *&^&**($$% !!!!

Then I noticed something odd, I now had several new links to this software, and they all worked properly?
Every time I had fixed the problem the computer had created a new working version of the software with a new link, and I hadn’t noticed!! DOH!!!

Winter is gone!!

So a belated welcome to the April Edition. I was going to have an April fool story here, but it is a bit late now, i’ll keep it for next year.

Winter is over, we have had a successful Carnival and so far a busy Easter and I hope we continue to have a prosperous 2024. If the first three months are anything to go by, it looks like being a good year.

Tourism seems to have recovered from Covid.  The hotels are full and the holiday apartment and Villa market seems to be very strong although some businesses are reporting that due to the current financial crisis in the UK and other European countries, there does not seem to be as much money around as in previous years, but hopefully these problems will ease as the year progresses.

A tale of caution.

pick pocket

Last month, during the Carnival Parade, I had my pocket picked. I was taking photos like everybody else, when a couple rushed up beside me, jostling me out of the way, I stumbled into the girl as I turned to the guy who had pushed me – I felt something against my leg and realised instantly what was happening, but I wasn’t quick enough to stop it and the perpetrators disappeared into the crowd with my wallet. It had been lifted from a buttoned side pocket on my shorts.

I was lucky, there was no money in the wallet, and I cancelled my cards immediately, the thieves tried to use them later that evening, but they were declined.

They then tossed my wallet onto the rocks, thankfully it was found and handed to the Police, the bank cards had gone, but at least I didn’t have the hassle of getting new driving licence and residencia etc,

I don’t want alarm people, as this is a very rare happening in Fuerteventura, the couple were obviously professional pick-pockets and used the crowds of the Carnival Parade to their advantage.

I spent the rest of the evening, and the next night’s Sardine Funeral searching for them, but nothing. They had probably just been in town for the one night.

When I spoke to the police they told me that I was not their only victim, and they thought there was a “foreign gang” ( They mentioned “Romanians”) operating in the Canary Islands moving from island to island and resort to resort, never staying for more than a couple of days in each town.


Another scam run by these gangs is to go around the streets, bars and restaurants pretending they are deaf mutes, and collecting for the deaf charity. They carry clip boards and ask you to sign and donate money.

I hate these bastards, I have had hearing problems all my life, so have a great empathy for the real deaf in the community.

I know the real people who collect for this charity. They all carry official Government photo IDs on a lanyard round their necks. They also carry A6 laminated cards which explains in several languages who, and what they are, they put these round the tables, usually with a small nic-nak that they sell for 5€ each.
The Bar and Restaurant owners all know them and let them collect on their premises.  The owners also know the scammers, and will chase them away.

Please give generously to the genuine deaf people as they do not get any government assistance. However, if approached by the scammers – just say you are calling the police, they hear that OK, or do what I do, shout out to all who can hear; “These people are not deaf, they are scammers, so do not give them any money” – that usually works, and sometimes better than others, on one occasion a very angry tourist having just given them money, hit the guy very hard and knocked him to the pavement and took his money back, the thief was suddenly able to speak as he ran away to the applause of the other people on the street.

VV Changes

pick pocket changes

I have just been hearing that there are going to be changes to the VV regulations.

The Government has at last realised that the current free for all situation has created a housing crisis as more and more landlords have cashed in by turning their properties from residential to holiday rentals.

This has caused a crisis in the residential market, as huge numbers of residential properties have been removed from the stock creating a massive shortage, with the result that rents have nearly doubled for the few places that are left.

Another knock on affect is that businesses are struggling to find staff, as there is nowhere affordable for them to live.

There are no definite plans as yet, but this needs urgent attention as in places like Corralejo more than 10% of the housing stock is now holiday rentals.

I will update readers about this as I get more information.


As usual I like to tell visitors to our island to get out and enjoy what we have to offer, and of course please support the local businesses.

Remember the tour operators and hotel owners, are not local, they are based in your home countries and want to take as much of your money as possible.
One way they do this is to pre sell excursions.

They have contracts with many suppliers where they fix the price, and the operators are not allowed to sell for less than the tour company or they can lose the contract..

Now independent local excursion agencies like corralejo-excursions.com  can often offer much better deals, and a wider choice of trips especially for larger groups, or people who want to do more than one excursion.

So if you are interested in doing any trips while on Fuerteventura, check out our sister company Corralejo-excursions.com, a British owned and run excursion agency (Formerly Where Abouts) that has been operating in Corralejo for 21 years.

That’s all for now –

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