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Sunday July 21, 2024


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Villa Winter Cofete

Beautiful beach and village with an interesting history

What’s on Fuerteventura – April Moon – Happy Place

April Moon - Harry Kirzy - New release "Happy Place"


What’s on Fuerteventura – Cash or Card?

What's on - Cash or card?

What’s on Fuerteventura – Upcoming Events – July 2024

Upcoming Events - July 2024


What’s On Fuerteventura- Guide to Sunburn

What's On fuerteventura New Treatment for Sunburn

What’s on Fuerteventura – Nuestra Senora del Carmen

What's on Fuerteventura - who is Nuestra Senora del Carmen


Cesar Manrique

A visit to Cesar Manrique's House

Cars Bikes & Pedestrians

Be safe while you enjoy your holiday.

The Montaña Bayuyo Walk

The safest and easiest way to climb the volcano that overlooks Corralejo.

Whats on Fuerteventura – What is a Calima?

What is a "Calima"

Important Phone Numbers

Find emergency numbers, health care, transport info and more.

Whats on Fuerteventura -Walking the GR 131 Part 2

Walking the GR 131 Part 2

El Cotillo

Why is this village the most visited place in Fuerteventura?

Swimming & Sea Safety

Swim safely, obey the Flags

What’s the weather going to be like in Fuerteventura in…?

Do I need something warm for the evenings... What to wear?

What’s on Fuerteventura – Fuerteventura and Naturists – Part 1. North

What's on Fuerteventura - Guide to naturism - Part 1.

What’s On Fuerteventura – Walking the GR131, Part 1.

What's on Fuerteventura - Walking GR131

The Ajuy Caves

Natural limestone cliffs & caverns, with viewing platforms, pathways and a beach

Corralejo Markets

Two locations. Twice a week each. Every Tuesday Thursday Friday & Sunday

What is Aloe Vera?

Find out more about this fascinating plant and some of it's history

What’s On fuerteventura Guide to Sea Life

Fuerteventura Sea Life

What’s On Fuerteventura – BBQ Rules

What's On Fuerteventura - BBQ Rules

What’s on Fuerteventura – Chipmunks – Do Not Feed

Do Not feed these Animals

A Brief History of the Canary Islands

a 2200 year historical overview, in just a few sentences.

The Island of Lobos

Nature, conservation, history and more, there's a lot to see on this small island.

What’s On Fuerteventura Trips and Excursions

Exciting things to do on Fuerteventura

Beaches Around Corralejo

The many beaches up and down the Corralejo coastline

Timanfaya – Fire Mountain Lanzarote

Visit a live volcanic site with professional tour guide or on your own!

Getting around Fuerteventura by bus

Getting around Fuerteventura by bus is easier than you think!!

Calima: What exactly is it?

This strange weather phenomenon explained