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What's On fuerteventura New Treatment for Sunburn



jonnys burns

Jonny went out to the Dunes and fell asleep for a couple of hours and got horribly sunburned. He went back to his hotel, but he was in such pain his wife took him to the emergency department in Corralejo.

After a quick examination he was put in an ambulance and taken to the Hospital in Puerto del Rosario where he was diagnosed with 2nd degree burns over a large part of his body.

He was in excruciating pain and his skin was heavily blistered. He was put on Saline and Electrolytic drips, powerful pain killers, given a sedative and a Viagra pill every 4 hours.

The nurse, who was a little astounded asked, “What good will the Viagra do for him Doctor?

The doctor replied, “It won’t do a damn thing for his condition nurse…….. But it will keep the sheets off his legs”

But seriously ….. Be careful.

Different Skin Types and their SPFs”


Always burns, never tans, Very light-skinned with blue eyes, often of celtic origins, red or blond hair, and freckles. At least SPF30 – SPF50/Hat/T-Shirt


Burns easily, tans eventually, Fair-haired and fair skinned, At least SPF30 and  SPF50 on vulnerable area. Hat/T-Shirt.


Sometimes burns, tans slowly, light brown hair, blue, green or brown eyes, medium shin tone SPF15 – SPF50 and SunStick SPF50 on vulnerable areas.


Occasionally burns, tans well. Brown hair and exes, olive skin SPF15 – SPF30 and SuinStick SPF30on vulnerable areas.


Hardly ever burns, tans well, Dark hair,eyes and skin SPF15 -SPF30


Never burns, dark brown or black hair, eyes and skin SPF15

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