What’s On Fuerteventura – Upcoming Events May 2024

What's on canarian day

what's On Fuerteventura - May 2024

What’s On Events May 2024

Date Event Where
1 Bank Holiday Europe
2 International Astronomy Day World Wide.
2 – 5 Annual Craft Fair, Antigua Fuerteventura
5 World Laughter Day World wide
5 F1 Miami GP USA
7 Dia de Madre (Mother’s day) Spain
8 World Red Cross Day World wide
12 International Nurses day World wide
15 International day of families World Wide
16 – 19 FEAGA. Agricultural Show and Fiesta Pozo Negro, Fuerteventura
19 F1 Italian GP Italy
20 – 9 Jun Tennis, French Open Paris
21 – 25  Chelsea Flower Show London
24 Commonwealth Day UK & Commonwealth
26 F1 Monaco GP Monaco
26 Motor Racing, Indianapolis 500 USA
30 Dia de Canarias (Canarian islands Day) Canary Islands

There are lots of interesting events on this month, my favourite is on the 5th –  International Laughter Day.  

The old adage that laughter is the best medicine still holds true, particularly with everything that is going on in the world at the moment.
So on the 5th, think of something that amuses you, have a chuckle and put a smile on your face, it is infectious, and soon you will see others smiling and laughing with you.


2024-FEAGA Sm

!6 – 19 FEAGA, the Agricultural, Livestock and Fishing Fair of Fuerteventura is here at the Pozo Negro Experimental Farm:
This is an annual event which as well as being an agricultural show showcases many of the traditional skills and crafts of the Island.

It includes wrestling, dancing, music, traditional cooking demos, cheese making and judging and many other activities.
Saturday and Sunday are the best times for visits and for you to experience some of the traditions of the Island.

A full program of events can be found at feagafuerteventura.com/programa/

Dia de Canarias

diadecanaria -200

The big event of this month is on the 30th May – this is Dia de Canarias – Day of the Canary Islands, and it marks the anniversary of Canarian Independence.
This is a public holiday and everybody dresses in traditional costumes and gathers at the Plaza.
There are lots of tables and chairs laid out and families and friends all bring food and wine for the celebrations.

The entertainment lasts all day and into the night with traditional dancing, singing and music.

Even if you can’t understand the singing, you will understand the emotions and enjoy traditional music and colourful dance displays, basically it is just a big party – and everybody is welcome to join in..


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