What’s on Fuerteventura Upcoming Events – April 2024

whats on fuerteventura upcoming events Aptil 2024

Upcoming Events April 2024

Things going on in April 2024

Date  Event Location
1 April Fools Day World wide
2 International Fact-Checking Day International
4 International Carrot day Worldwide 
7 F1 Grand Prix Japan
World Health Day World
Fit Kid Gymnastics event Corralejo
8 – 14 Golf USA Masters Augusta, USA
9 – 10 Eid al Fir, End of Ramadan Worldwide
10 Snooker World Championships England
11 National pet day UK
World parkinson’s day World
13 Horse Racing,  Grand National England
International Scrabble Day Worldwide
18 World Heritage Day World
21 F1  Grand Prix China
22 Earth Day Europe & USA
22 – 30 Passover Worldwide
23 National Shakespeare Day UK
English Language Day UK
St George’s day England
25 World Malaria Day International
29  International Dance Day International
International Astronomy Day International
30 International Jazz Day International

Fit Kid Event

Not many local events this month, there is only the Fit Kid Gymnastics event in Corralejo on the 7th. This is held at the Pavillion next to the church.

The 2nd of April is going to be a very busy day for Americans, checking everything that Donald Trump says.!!


For Uk Horse racing fans there is the Grand National  on the 13th – I am sure some local pubs will be running sweepstakes.


The 23rd is a busy day, It is St George’s Day, William Shakespeare’s day, and English Language Day. It is also the Birth, and death day for William Shakespeare. 1564 – 1616.

At the end of the month, there are two international events, the 29th is International Dance Day, and the 30th International Jazz day. 2 days that could work well together. So I expect to see lots of people out dancing to the local jazz musicians.

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