What’s On Fuerteventura – St Patrick’s Day

Leprechaun and flag

Invasion of the little Green Men

Invasion of the little Green Men

leprechaun with beer

At the same time every year Corralejo sees an invasion of little green men. Are these aliens from Mars? or from some other distant planet?
You might think so but you’d be wrong! Those of us in the know check the calendar for the date, and if it is March 17th we realise that it is actually St Patrick’s Day, when it seems like every leprechaun from Ireland has jumped on their rainbows and come out to Corralejo to party!!

So get out into town, and head for one of the Irish bars, these will be easy to find, just follow the nearest leprechaun as they use their magic to unerringly find the best parties in town.
However, if you get lost, or they disappear before your eyes, we have some insider knowledge and can divulge some of the known haunts for these strange creatures.

We believe that Rosie O’Grady’s and O’Neill’s have been known to give shelter to these wayward creatures.
They have also been seen in other establishments flying a green, white and orange banner or basically anywhere that serves Guinness!

Just as if St Patrick’s Day is not a good enough excuse for partying and general revelry there may be more to celebrate, as the 18th of March sees the final of the 6 Nations, and depending on the result of the Scotland v Ireland match on the 12th, Ireland could be going for a Grand Slam and the championship, or the championship could still be in balance.  So when the not so little men in Green take the field against the equally not so little men in White it could be all to play for.

So expect to see lots of tears, wailing and shaking of heads in the streets, or possibly jubilant celebrations it can be difficult to tell them apart…



Paddy’s Night can be very damaging to your health. Many people in the past have reported, temporary amnesia, severe headaches, loss of balance, full body aches, general malaise, inability to concentrate and extreme tiredness.
Should you suffer from any of these we recommend a return visit to one of the above establishments and get a Leprechaun to prescribe one of their magic cures.

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