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The Guinness 6 Nations Rugby Championship

Below is the full schedule so you won’t miss a single game.

04 February Wales     Flag_of_Wales.svg 14.15 Flag_of_Ireland.svg Ireland
04 February England     Flag_of_England. 16.45“ Flag_of_Scotland.svg Scotland
05 February Italy     Flag_of_Italy. 15.00` Flag_of_France France
11 February Ireland     Flag_of_Ireland.svg 14.15 Flag_of_France France
11 February Scotland     Flag_of_Scotland.svg 16.45 Flag_of_Wales.svg Wales
12 February England     Flag_of_England. 15.00 Flag_of_Italy. Italy
25 February Italy     Flag_of_Italy. 14.15 Flag_of_Ireland.svg Ireland
25 February Wales     Flag_of_Wales.svg 16.45 Flag_of_England. England
26 February France     Flag_of_France 15.00 Flag_of_Scotland.svg Scotland
11 March Italy     Flag_of_Italy. 14.15 Flag_of_Wales.svg Wales
11 March England     Flag_of_England. 16.45 Flag_of_France France
12 March Scotland     Flag_of_Scotland.svg 15.00 Flag_of_Ireland.svg Ireland
18 March Scotland     Flag_of_Scotland.svg 12.30 Flag_of_Italy. Italy
18 March France     Flag_of_France 14.45 Flag_of_Wales.svg Wales
18 March Ireland     Flag_of_Ireland.svg 17.00 Flag_of_England. England



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