The Montaña Bayuyo Walk

The safest and easiest way to climb the volcano that overlooks Corralejo.

Although longer than climbing directly from Corralejo it is possible to drive to the start of this path, it’s also the safest and easiest way to climb the volcano that overlooks Corralejo.

The walk will take 2 to 2 and a half hours including the climb. You will need a minimum of stoutly soled trainers for this walk, flat soled trainers or worse are not advised.

There are fine views over Corralejo and Los Lobos as well as views towards Bayuyo’s nearby volcanoes.

The walk begins from the football ground in Corralejo.

From there we walk towards the volcanoes and cross over the roundabout with the sailing boat sculpture.

On your right is a grid of roads where houses are being built. Take the last turn on the right and you will soon come to a square, windowless utility building.

Turn left onto the track, it is signposted to Lajares.

Follow this track for about 3 kilometres. On the way, on the left, there is an opportunity to divert and walk into one of Bayuyo’s sunken craters.

You will arrive at a small parking spot on the right beside a sign depicting a panorama. Near the panorama sign there is a small, lava tube cave that can be visited.

The path that climbs Montaña Bayuyo begins, on the left, just before the panorama sign. The path to the top is easy to follow. It is seldom steep and is mostly free of rocks.

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