The Island of Lobos


Nature, conservation, history and more, there's a lot to see on this small island.

The island of Lobos lies 2km off the coast of Fuerteventura and 8km from Lanzarote. Its entire coastline stretches for just under 14km and encircles the 5km nature reserve.

Lobos Bay

Many years ago the island was home to a large population of seals, ‘Lobos Del Mar’ (Wolves of the sea) which is where its name originates. The Montana de la Caldera is the highest point on the island and rises 127 metres above sea level.

Lobos is home to many different types of plants, many of which can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

The view back to Corralejo Dunes, especially on a clear day is spectacular. The crystal dear lagoons are ideal for snorkelling and fishing but don’t forget to take plenty of drinking water and an umbrella as there isn’t much shade from the sun.

the-island-of-lobos-8 Lobos-jetty-2 the-island-of-lobos-6

If you’re a little more energetic then take a stout pair of walking boots and binoculars and see if you can spot any of the rare birds that visit the island Including egrets petrols and curlews.

Some other things to look out for during your visit to Lobos are the volcanic buildings “edificios volcanicos” on the north coast, the little ovens (los hornitos) and the lighthouse saltmarshes.

There have been big changes to access the island. You must now register with your Passport No before you go, there are now restricted numbers of visitors.

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