Corralejo Markets

Two locations. Twice a week each. Every Tuesday Thursday Friday & Sunday

Corralejo Markets

There are two markets held twice weekly each.

Aqua Water Park Car Park

Tuesday and Friday (9.30 – 2.30pm)

This market is a mixture of stalls and products, mainly of African origins, but there is also some locally made crafts. There are lots of stalls selling leather goods, clothes, hats, sun glasses and assorted African crafts – worth a look, and there are a some bargains, but don’t expect the bargain “Guccihand bag you just bought for 10€ to have ever seen the inside of a Gucci factory,

The other thing to remember at this market is to HAGGLE.  It is a normal way of life for the African traders, so don’t be afraid, and if the price doesn’t come down significantly, walk away, it is amazing how often this will get a bit more off the price.


The Campanario Centre Market

Thursday and Sunday (9.30 – 2.30pm)

The Campanario Market is a bit different  with lots of locally made produce from food stuffs, to art, photography, jewellery and clothes etc.  These tend to be of a better quality than at the water park, again worth a visit, and a bit of “Haggling”.

The best day to go is a Sunday, as there is a local band playing Spanish music in the middle of the centre, so after browsing you can sit and enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine while getting into the local musical culture.


Aqua Water Park:  walk up the Main Street, and you cannot miss it.

Campanario Centre: Walk up the Main Street, turn left after the petrol station.  The Campaniario centre is about 500 metres from the Main Street.

See Map below.


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