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Be safe while you enjoy your holiday.

Many of you will hire a car, scooter or bike while on holiday, but do you know the rules?


This is easy as the rules here are generally the same as the UK – only they drive on the wrong side of the road, but there are a few things you need to be aware of or you could face a stiff fine. Here are just a few things you need to be aware of.

It is Illegal to drive without shirt on or in Flip Flops. or wear a hat or hoodie that obscures your view. Cyclists have to be given at least 1.50 metres space when overtaking. You cannot carry boards etc in the car, and passengers must not have their feet up on the dashboard, fines for breaching these range from 150 – 500€.

Roundabouts; the Spanish use roundabouts differently from just about every other country, and the rules are very complicated, the inside lane is rarely used and they will often go all the way round in the outside lane, so be careful.


These are a great way to get around, and Corralejo is well served with cycle paths, but there are still a few things to understand. If there is a cycle path, you must use it. Cycling on pavements; is legal provided the pavement is more than 3 metres wide or when it borders a busy road? (this is about to be changed), but you have to keep your speed down – 5 – 10kph.

Bicycles do not require lights where there is street lighting, but it is a good idea as the street lighting here is not the brightest. Helmets are optional in town, but compulsory out of town area.

Electric Scooters

These have the same rules as bikes, but legally they are supposed to be regulated to no more than 15KPH. There are scooters for hire all over the town, however, there have been several serious accidents with these and the Government has brought in new regulations. You have to be over 18, they are only for single person use, you are supposed to wear a helmet.

Motor Scooters & Bikes

These have the same rules as cars but all too often people come off. You can hire a motor scooter on a car license if you are over 23 or 20 with some companies. But, and I have seen it being ignored too many times… DRESS for the SPILL, NOT the THRILL. Shorts, Bikinis, tank tops and sandals/flip flops offer no protection when you come off, it may not be your fault, but sliding along the road on bare skin at 40kph will do your cool serious damage and you could spend the rest of your holiday, or your life, with severe injuries or worse.


Please be very careful with cycle lanes, it can be very dangerous, it’s also an offence if you walk, or obstruct them. If you hear somebody ringing a bell / hooter or shouting, get off the bike lane immediately, watch out for bikes, please don’t step onto the cycle path without looking.

Pedestrian Crossings: The black and white stripes are NOT pedestrian crossings as you might recognise them, they are places where it is compulsory for pedestrians to cross, pedestrians DO NOT HAVE RIGHT OF WAY except where the crossing is raised, has chevrons, has blue or red road markings, or signs stating it is a pedestrian crossing. Please make sure it is clear before stepping out. Add the fact that parking is allowed right up to crossings, and at night the street lights are not that bright, it can be very difficult for drivers to see people approaching or stepping onto the crossings, so be extra careful, check both ways, remember the traffic will be coming from the other side.

Push Chairs

I know of so many very near misses, and one incident I actually witnessed when a someone entered the cycle path, push chair first, straight in front of a cyclist. They swerved, missed the chair by inches, clipped another tourist and fell off their bike. Thankfully with only a few scratches, but it could have been so much worse. Please be aware of cycle paths.

When crossing the road take extra vigilance, remember the traffic will be coming from the other side, you don’t want to be testing the reactions of drivers or cyclists with your baby, that is not a good idea…

Enjoy your holiday, and please keep SAFE.

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