What’s On Fuerteventura – Walking the GR131, Part 1.

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Wlking route GR 131

What's on Fuerteventura - Walking GR131

What’s On Fuerteventura – Walking the GR131,

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Walking GR131 Map

What is the the Gr131?

Gr 131 is the long distance footpath (the Gran Recorrido) through the Canary Islands from Lanzarote in the east to El Hierro in the west.
I have recently walked the 154 km through Fuerteventura from Corralejo to Punta de Jandia and I am currently walking through Lanzarote – all by public transport.

I walked through Fuerteventura in 7 stages of about 20 – 25km each day, which including the travel there and back becomes a full day.
Corraeljo to La Oliva, La Oliva to Betancuria, Betancuria to Pajara, Pajara to La Pared, La Pared to Costa Calma, Costa Calma to Morro Jable and then lastly to Punta de Jandia.

The Start:

The path starts in Corralejo but rather than there being a direction sign at the port the first indication is in the square by the Shell petrol station and the next is at the top of Avenida Juan Carlos before the quarry at Morro Francisco.

Map in the Plaza with 1st part of route.

Whats On Fuerteventura -walking GR 131 Sign top of Corralejo
Signs at the roundabout at the top of Corralejo.

The path then goes through the volcanoes to Lajares. The first stage is 13.5 km and then a bus can be caught in Lajares to return to Corralejo or keep on going to La Oliva which is a further 12 km.

Once arriving in Lajares walk past the football ground to the roundabout and continue straight across where signposts will direct you towards Montana Arena.

The path passes the volcano and comes out by the two windmills between Villaverde and La Oliva and continues through La Oliva to the church where a bus can be taken back to Corralejo.

Day 2:

Returning on the bus to La Oliva and then walking to Betancuria is one of the longest stages of 34km but this can be cut short by catching the number 2 bus which leaves Vega de Rio Palma at 16.30 and goes via Betancuria, Valle de Santa Ines and Tefia and onwards to Puerto del Rosario. Or walk all the way to Betancuria and catch the 16.30 bus which leaves Betancuria about 16.35 and is your route back to Corralejo via Puerto del Rosario.

Whats On Fuerteventura -walking GR 131 Sign Opposite La Oliva church

Walking GR 131 Sign Opposite La Oliva church

Whats On Fuerteventura -walking GR 131 Sign At the church in Tefia

Walking GR 131 – Sign At the church in Tefia

The pathway from La Oliva goes past the crematorium and onwards through Tindaya to Tefia.

Whats On Fuerteventura -walking GR 131 Sign in Tefia showing route to Betancuria

Walking  GR131 – Sign in Tefia with map of route to Betancuria

From Tefia the path goes via the windmill by the observatory, through to Llanos de la Concepcion and crosses the road many times before entering a lush green valley at Valle de Santa Ines.

Whats On Fuerteventura -walking GR 131 From Mirador looking to Betancuria

Walking  GR131 – view from the Mirador down to Betancuria

Then a steep walk up to the mirador at Betancuria and then down to Betancuria for a well-earned beer and bus back to Rosario and onwards to Corralejo.

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