Whats on Fuerteventura -Walking the GR 131 Part 2

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Walking GR131 Sign Rio Palma

Walking the GR 131 Part 2

What’s on Fuertevnetura -Walking the GR131 Part 2.

Betancuria – La Pared

The second part takes us from Betancuria via Pajara, Cardon to La Pared.

Wherever you caught the bus back to Puerto del Rosario you can catch the bus back to continue the walk. The number 2 bus leaves Puerto at 11.00 and 14.30 so the 11.00 is better but does mean that you will not start walking until noon. 

1.The stage to Pajara is 16km and needs to be finished that day as the only bus to return before Pajara is at Vega de Rio Palma which would mean walking only 6km.

The route from Betancuria to Pajara

Whats On Fuerteventura - Walking the GR131, Betancuria - Pajara

The pathway from Betancuria just below the centre
of the town.

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Walking GR131 Sign Pajara

But the problem here (and perhaps the only problem I found on the entire walk) is getting back from Pajara. The only buses of any interest leave at 12.30 and 13.15.

I went into a local bar opposite the taxi rank with no taxis! and was given a lift by a customer to Tuineje, there is however a taxi firm in Tuineje for a more orthodox return to catch the number 1 bus from Morro Jable to Puerto at Tuineje.

The walk from Betancuria is the most interesting part in my view and well signposted, uphill from Betancuria, looking over Antigua and onwards to Vega de Rio Palma and then through Toto to Pajara. The only strenuous part is the uphill walk from the reservoir below Vega de Rio Palma to above Pajara which took me about 1 ½ hours.

The route leaves Betancuria (as above) and goes uphill to the ridge overlooking Antigua and then along the ridge before dropping down to Vega de Rio Palma through a stunted pine woodland.

Along a barranco to Vega de Rio Palma and then uphill across the FV30, until you are overlooking Toto and then along a barranco into Pajara.

Crossing the FV30 uphill from Vega de Rio Palma.

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Walking GR131 Sign Rio Palma

To return to Pajara you will  need to catch the number 1 bus from Puerto at 10.00 for the 45 minute bus journey to Gran Tarajal and then the number 18 bus at 12.00.

You will arrive in Pajara about 12.30. Walk from the bus stop and turn left to Ajuy and then first left is a sign for the route. To Cardon is 11.7km and then to La Pared a further 14km.

Pajara – La Pared

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Walking GR131 Pjajra - La Pared

From Pajara to Cardon over this range of hills.

Whats-on-Fuerteventura - Walking GR131 Pajara - Cordon

The route is at least in a straight line heading south-west and eventually you will be above Cardon and be able to walk down to the village.

It will now be about 3pm and from here there are now 3 options, there is no bus back from Cardon but there is the number 11 from Gran Tarajal at 11.30 to Cardon to use to return for the next days walking. 

You can walk from Cardon to the main road, the FV2, about 5km and catch the number 1 back to Puerto and then return on the above number 11 bus for the next stage.

There is only an early bus in La Pared but it is only a short cab ride to Costa Calma, so depending upon the time there is 14km left to La Pared.

The option I chose was to walk to the FV2, return next day, walk to La Pared and then along the isthmus before walking to Costa Calma (about 22km but relatively flat) for the bus and returning that way for the next stage.

The walk to La Pared is well signposted, walk from the bus stop in the centre of Cardon to the south by some houses and in the direction of the wind turbines and the signs will be seen.

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