What’s on Fuerteventura – Nuestra Senora del Carmen

Nuestra Senora Del Carmen - parade of boats

What's on Fuerteventura - who is Nuestra Senora del Carmen

Fiesta Nuestra Senora Del Carmen 16th July

In the middle of July every year there is a fiesta for the Nuestra Senora del Carmen, and on the 16th july there is a parade of boats out in the bay.

But who is the Nuestra Senora del Carmen?

She is the Patron Saint of Fuerteventura, and for Fishermen and Sailors.

Tradition has it that during a big storm in the summer of 1845 an English ship ‘Ocean’s King’, was in trouble off the coast of Fuerteventura, It is claimed that its crew was saved after a sailor threw a scapular of the Nuestra Senora del Carmen, that he was wearing, into the sea. At that moment the storm subsided. There was only one more wave, which returned the scapular to the boat. Since then, devotion to the Nuestra Senora del Carmen as the patron saint of sailors became popular throughout the Canaries and Spain..

On July 16, in Corralejo, the festival parade starts from the church when the Saint is taken and paraded through the town to Town Beach at the old harbour (Muele Chico).
Here she is placed onto a local fishing boat which then leads a procession of local boats round the bay accompanied by hooters, loud music, cheering crowds and occasional flares.

Parade of boats - Fiesta del carmen

After the procession she is taken back to the church, but the locals continue to celebrate with feasting, music, dancing, and fireworks.

The celebrations go on for a week and when the Ayuntamiento get around to publishing the schedule I will post it in the magazine and on our facebook page.

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