What’s on Fuerteventura – Fuerteventura and Naturists – Part 1. North

Whats on fuerteventura - Fuerteventura and naturists - Grandes Playas

What's on Fuerteventura - Guide to naturism - Part 1.

What’s On Fuerteventura – Fuerteventura and Naturists – Part 1 The North

When I started to write this article I realised it was going to be a lot bigger than I first thought, so I have decided to split it into 2 sections – Part 1: covers the North, Part 2: which will follow shortly, will cover the rest of the island.

Fuerteventura is a very popular destination for naturists. It has wonderful beaches some that stretch for miles, others that are small lagoons with lots of hidey holes for privacy.

Public nudity is perfectly legal in Spain, as long as you are not “Visibly Aroused”.

There is a story about a couple in Barcelona who were walking naked in the street, they were stopped by the police and fined 75€ each – Why?  Because they were not carrying any ID…  I don’t know how true this is, but I would not be surprised.

A big attitude change since the Franco days. When topless sunbathing was illegal, girls rode side-saddle on scooters, and you could be fined 1,000pts for kissing in the street. (I know, I was caught in San Sebastian).

Now I don’t fancy walking the streets of Corralejo naked, and I would not recommend it to anybody.   You may not get arrested, but you would certainly cause an unwelcome stir.  For the same reason it is not advisable to go naked on the town beaches, or right in front of hotels, as some people may take offence, so please use common sense.

Anyway, if you have come to this page in the hope of seeing pictures of naked people, you will be disappointed. This page is for information for visitors to the island, either already naturist or wanting to find out more about naturism on Fuerteventura and wanting to find the best places to go.

So Where to Go?

In the North there are two main Naturist areas, the Corralejo Dunes and the El Cotillo Lagoons.

Whats on Fuerteventura - map of naruriet beaches
Map nicked from: JPinfuerteventura.com Thanks John


From any of the beaches in town, head south – keep the sea on your left and walk to the end of the town, roughly 20 minutes from the centre and you will come to the start of the Dunes, this is Flag Beach. Here you will find there are several stone bunkers, these are nearly always occupied by naked people, (but not necessarily naturists). If you want to use one you have to get there early.
Further along the beach opens into a vast area of golden sand, in the middle there is the Flag Beach Surf school. Do not swim in this area – as the windsurfers and kiters use this part of the beach for launching and landings.

Continue along the beach and you come to the two big RUI Hotels, this will have taken about 1 hour to walk.  Go past the hotels for about 500 metres, and from here on you can strip off and chose your place on the beach.

whats on fuerteventura - Fuerteventura and naturism, the dunes

If you don’t fancy walking, you can cycle, about 5km from centre to the Hotels, or get the No6 bus (timetable here) (1.40€) from the top of the main strip to the Hotels and takes about 5 minutes. or if you are lazy a taxi will be 7.50€.

El Cotillo:

El Cotillo is the most visited place on Fuerteventura, it is famous for its magnificent sunsets and great beaches. To the south you have the main Surf beach, where you frequently get huge waves that have travelled across the Atlantic, building power as they come. This beach is often packed with some of the best surfers and Kiters on the island, and we have several Current and former European, and world Champions among them. This can be  great for spectators.

Head in the other direction towards the Lighthouse, and just past the outskirts of the village you will come to the first of the Lagoons, this is La Concha Beach.  Beautiful sands, and a large very safe bay for swimming, popular with snorkelers, and families. This is very much a clothes optional beach, however it gets more textile during the main holiday periods. (July, August and September).

whats on fuerteventura - Fuerteventura and naturism, la concha -El Cotillo

Over the winter months El Cotillo’s population increases as hundreds of visitors from Northern Europe, many of them naturists, come to over winter in the warmth.

The next Lagoon is El Caleton, predominately Naturist – with a small beach and bay and with many small places giving a bit of privacy among the rocks if you desire it.

As you head towards the Lighthouse, each lagoon is more naturist, so it is up to you which one you choose, same if you turn right on to the North shore, These beaches are normally sparsely populated so nobody would care either way.

From El Cotillo Heading South there is Piedra Playa,

Whats on fuerteventura - Fuerteventura and naturists - Playa Piedra,

You have to scramble down from the cliff to get on to the beach, but it is worth it when you get down.
But beware, all these beaches south of El Cotillo are on the Atlantic OCEAN, and can have very strong currents, and do NOT have LIFEGUARDS.

whats on fuerteventura - Steps Beach- cotillo
Playa Escalaro (Steps Beach), as its name suggests is accessed by a set of steps which are just stuck to the cliff side. I have to confess that I have never been on this beach, I have a phobia for heights and one look down the stairs was enough – however the steps have been completely rebuild since my last visit, but I still don’t think I could do it.

There are a few other beaches and coves on the road to Tindaya. This a a dirt road that winds its way along the cliff tops, some spectacular views, but these beaches are not that easy to get to, Most involve a scramble from the cliffs down paths of various steepness.

To access the beaches to the south you really need transport, You can walk along the cliff tops if you wish, but the beaches are quite a distance from Cotillo and you will have to carry everything with you as there are no shops, cafes or bars, also there is no Lifeguard cover,

Tindiya Beach another I  haven’t yet visited.
Whats on fuerteventura - Fuerteventura and naturists - Tind
These beaches are also open to the full force of the open Atlantic Ocean and can often have very strong currents, so be very careful.

Now you know where to go, so you now need to learn the “Etiquette“.

Don’t stare

The cardinal rule of nude beachgoing. You can look (how can you not look?), but don’t ogle or gawk. People are vulnerable when they’re in the buff, so you want to avoid even the suggestion that you’re regarding them with cruelty or creepiness. Don’t you want the same in return? If you struggle to keep your eyes to yourself, crack open a book.

Leave your camera at home

Another subsection of the larger don’t-be-creepy category. Even taking photos of the scenery can make people uncomfortable if they’re not sure where you’re pointing your smartphone, So be careful where you point your smart phone, and if you must snap a selfie, be sure you don’t take a pic of anybody else without permission.

Keep your distance from others

When you’re choosing a spot to sit or lie down, allow plenty of space between you and the next towel over—if possible, more space than you’d leave if you were clothed. That way, you signal that you have no intention of encroaching on your neighbor’s privacy. It’s another comfort thing.

Don’t try any hanky-panky

Lewd behavior, whether with your partner, with someone you just met on the beach, or with yourself, is a no-no. Most nude recreationists strive to sever the connection between getting naked and getting busy. In fact, the “Naturist Beach Code devised by the British Naturism organization flatly states, “Any sexual activity is just as unwelcome and just as criminal as in any other public place.”

So now you know where to go, and what not to do – Go and enjoy…!!!



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