What’s on Fuerteventura – 36th Annual Kite Festival

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36th International Kite Festival - Corralejo 2023

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XXXVI Annual International Kite Festival

For the 36th time Corralejo Grandes Playas play host to the

XXXVI International Kite Festival.

This is a very big event, last year attracting over 40,000 visitors.
it is a truly international event with people from all over Europe and further afield coming to Corralejo to take part.

It is difficult to describe the event, and pictures don’t really do it justice – you have to see it for yourself.

Thousands of multi-shaped and coloured kites from small basic kids kites, to huge sophisticated and aerobatic kites. It is a stunning event with a great atmosphere.

As well as the flying exhibitions there are numerous workshops on design and building kites, there are lessons on flying from basic beginners – up to advance levels

The La Oliva Council are providing a FREE  Bus Service from the town to the RUI Hotels – keep an eye on our facebook page for more details on schedules.


Thursday November 9th

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The festival starts at 10am on Thursday the 9th November at La Concha Beach in El Cotillo and goes on until 5pm.
Throughout the Festival there will be a huge number of different kites from all over the world and displays of Stunt Flying and Kite Fighting, and examples of box kites, Rokaku and animals, cartoon characters and various models.
Many of the Kites will still be flying at sunset, which is always a spectacular sight.

Find a bar overlooking the sea have an aperitif, and watch as the sun melts into the horizon with the colourful display of kites in the foreground. Definitely worth experiencing.

Friday November 10th

Friday 10th at 10.30am the Kite festival officially  opens on the Grandes Playas (The Dunes) close to the RUI Hotels.

There will be many displays of aerobatic flying with stunt Kites and fighting kites, and workshops throughout the day.

There are going to be of special buses laid on by the Council to take you to and from the Festival.

Saturday November 11th

Saturday 11th at 12 pm there is an exhibition of Stunt Kite Flying with a wonderful display of aerobatic flying’

1.30pm there is a ‘ROKAKU’ (Japanese style 6 cornered kites ) Competition.

Again there will be workshops on Kite Design and Building and Tutorials and coaching on how to fly various types of Kite.

flying hosted by professional kite builders and flyers

Sunday November 12th

Sunday is the last day of the Festival and will continue with displays of both static and aerobatic flying and workshops to encourage people to take up the sport and how to get involved.

The Festival finishes at 4.30pm.

However if past years are anything to go by, after sunset there will be a number of kites and flying lanterns being flown from the beach at Waikiki.

Throughout the 4 days of the festival there will also be events in the centre of Corralejo, including a Coldplay Tribute Concert on Saturday Night on the stage on the Main Street.

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