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Advertise with Whats on Fuerteventura on our 90 day plan. It’s simple, fair and affordable. Reach 1000’s of visitors and save 30€

What do you get?

Advertise with Whats On Fuerteventura and you will get all of the following:

Your Advert – Up To 7 Designs Mon – Sun

Your App – Everything Your Business Could Need…

Your Exposure – Get Seen By 12,000+ in Next 3 Months

Figures july

Your Ads

Your own unique “Tile” or “Tiles” if you require different information displaying on different days of the week. These appear on the front page and relevant category pages.


Your App

Your own unique web app that provides everything you need. From a simple 1 page advert to menus, promotion posts, literally anything a business might need.


Your Coverage

Your own unique “Tile” or “Tiles” will appear on the front page and all relevant category pages.

Your Reach

Reach over 12,000 visitors during your 90 day plan – We’ve had over 8000 visits in the last 60 days.

Figures july


Complete the form below with your business name, contact name and email. We’ll do the rest and contact you for your advert and promotions information.


Our randomised system positions every advert throughout the magazine, automatically. It guarantees EVERYONE will spend time in prime positions.


Absolutely no hidden charges or silly “from” prices it costs *1€ per day, simple.  (It’s 30€ per calendar month – *€1/day is approximate).


Terms: 90 Day Plan is 1 payment 30€ August 6th – 1 payment 30€ September 6th – 0€ October 6th You’re always 6 days in arrears, the plan starts from the 1st of the month of sign up. Total paid 60€ for 90 days. Equivalent is 66c / day approx.

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Our Mission

We are committed to attracting new visitors to the magazine and to the island. In doing so we are committed to presenting your business to these visitors, in an appropriate way. For almost 20 years Whats On Fuerteventura has been connecting visitors with entertainment, food and drink, leisure and information. We are exactly the same today, except better, faster and further reaching.

More Features & Sections

More features and sections are coming online in July or before and we’re sure these will attract more new visitors to the magazine every week.

More Visitors

Ongoing & sustained improvements to the magazine in terms of loading-speed, features and functions keep people coming back and engaging with the magazine.

We’re tapping in to the 1000’s of people that have interacted with the magazine over the past 19 years. Some through email, some through our Facebook profile. We are operating a sustained monthly post and share on Facebook for our monthly editorial, plus updates as we add more content throughout each month.

This alone, with very little promotion has delivered over 2800 unique visitors throughout May with over 19,000 page views.

More Numbers

June has surpassed our forecast at almost 3300 unique visitors by the end with one day seeing over 400 unique visits. The front page where the ads are shown has been viewed around 5000 times during June 2022.

Our June 4th editorial has been read by more than 500 people as of 1st of July 2022 – this is our monthly release which gets forwarded as a link to our free member subscribers list which is currently 400+ people

We already have a substantial online audience that we are engaging with. We know this because visitors are looking at 8 or 9 pages on average and are growing in number each month.

With over 400 on our subscriber list, in the 6 weeks we’ve operated it, on average 1 in 10 visitors join, this is a high average and further suggests visitors are engaging with the magazine, and that it’s likely they enjoy the content and want to be notified when there is more.

We cast monthly to this list encouraging them to read new content, share the magazine with others and display any promotions or special offers our advertisers have. We also inform them of upcoming events and significant dates.

We’ve enjoyed a steady growth of around 400 additional visitors each month since February 2022. We are just starting our first serious marketing campaign and expect to attract around 12000 unique visits to the magazine by the end of August. As we’ve said, we’re quoting a conservative 7500 during the 90 days, this is based on current visitor numbers without any growth. Your ad will be presented to each of these unique visitors multiple times during their 8 page visit. This is clear, honest and realistic.


The whole system including your app is driven by a bespoke WordPress setup that includes high end premium software plugins that allow the magazine and your app to behave and deliver content in ways no other magazine and few apps can.

High quality, high security, high speed hosting ensures that the magazine is always online, and that your ads and applications are always live and available to view, fast.

A genuine synergy within the magazine that unites businesses with the customers who are looking for that type of business. Primarily for entertainment, and of course food & drink.

There are probably things we’ve missed telling you. We’ve built a lot of little things in to the background that are a bit like seasoning on food, you don’t realise it’s there until it isn’t!

We guarantee you get a lot of value, service, resources and support for a very small monthly price. The equivalent of just 1€ per day. (66c/day on this plan)